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Magic Jewel

Classic Mode

Play Magic Jewel game online for free and score as many points as possible in 2½ mins aligning at least three identical elements. Multiplauer Magic Jewel game is a great game to play.

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To win at Magic Jewel, you have to score as many points as possible in 2½ mins. To do that, swap the neighboring elements in order to align at least three identical ones. In order to score more points, you can create special elements by forming precise combinations: - aligning 4 elements creates a bomb which blows up everything around it - aligning 5 elements creates a diamond which, when it is swapped with a second one, will delete all the second type of elements. - forming a T or an L with at least 5 elements will create another type of bomb, which will delete all the elements on this line and column By filling the potions on the right of the screen you will cast a spell that will hinder the opponent or give you a diamond.

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