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10 000

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The 10 000 is a dice game mixing strategy, audacity and luck. Simple by appearance, this game needs you to get used to it to understand it all. Will you be wise enough when it is required in order to destroy your opponents with dreadful combinations?

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The aim of the game is to reach 10000 points. The player throws the dice, at each throw, he keeps the dice that are worth something and throws again the ones worth nothing. He can stop at any moment if he thinks he's earned enough points and doesn't dare lose it all.nIndeed, if the player doesn't get a dice worth something in a throw, he passes on and doesn't score, three blank throws in a row make loose 500 points. One "1" is worth 100 points, a "5" is worth 50 pointsnThree of a kind is 100 times the value of the dice (unless for the 1 which is worth 1000). A straight of dice is worth 1500 pointsn4 o 5 identical dice doubles the score of the three of a kind by identical dice. Oh, by the way, in order to be granted the right to go "bank", you have to score 300 points at least.

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