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Gold Mine

Classic Mode

Go on a treasure hunt and found more gold nuggets before your opponent in this game combining strategy, luck and thinking.

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In turn, each player clicks on a cell of the board with a view to find a gold nugget. The first player finding 13 gold nuggets wins the game. When you click on a cell, 3 things can happen: either you find a gold nugget, a number or nothing. If you find a gold nugget you play again and your score increases. If you see a number, it corresponds to the amount of gold nuggets in the surrounding cells. If the cell is blank, you were unlucky and you reveal a part of the map to your opponent. In order to help you you are also provided with a bomb you can use only once that will help you reveal 9 cells at once. Take care to use it at the right moment so you don't help your opponent.

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