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How are the scores calculated? Results
Explanation of the calculation of your overall points
Of all the games that you have played recently (less than 31 days), we use the 7 best to the average.

What happens if you played at least 7 games
We add the scores of games called active (which games you’ve played for less than 31 days), then we add the number of times necessary to obtain 1000 points in seven scores while adding a. Finally we divide everything by 7 to average.
The result, rounded to an integer, is your overall score.

Example: you have 3 active games with 1253 points for Disco Uno, 1049 and 1128 at the Rammy Duo Solitaire.
We add the three previous scores which we add 4 times 1000 points. Finally we divide the total by 7.
Why 1000 points? Because it is the score you have when you play for the first time in a game

(1253 + 1128 + 1049 + 1000 + 1000 + 1000 + 1000) / 7 = 1061

How do I know if a game is active or enters into the calculation of your overall
It’s simple, you just have to make yourself on your profile page in the "Points".
The games are classified according to their status.

What happens if a game is no longer active
If it’s been more than 31 days you have not played in one game, you are expelled from the podium of this game. Your score will not be displayed among the scores of other players. In addition, this score will not be used to calculate your overall podium.
However, just play this game again to make the game active again and go back on the podium. This game can potentially be used to calculate your overall points (if this game is part of 7 best).

What about the contests ranking ?
Indeed, there are 2 rankings on Playpop, the games ranking, and the contests ranking. You gain contest points everytime you win a match during a contest (3 points on each victory). By the end of the contest, these points are squared, and added to your contest score corresponding to the game.

Example : you win a Rummy contest, with 4 victories.
Considering you had 1500 for the Rummy, your new contest score will be calculated as follows :
1500 + ( (4 x 3)² ) = 1500 + 144 = 1644

As for your overall contest score, it is calculated just like your games overall score, by doing the average of your best 7 contest scores.
Just like your game scores, your contest scores will not be counted in your overall if you don’t participate for more than 31 days.
PLAYPOP is currently in test phase

Therefore, we need your help.
For that, use the “report a bug” tap on the top right of the page and report:
- Any errors you have noticed
- What you do and don't like
- What feels strange or badly done.

Thank you for your help and have fun on PLAYPOP !

The PLAYPOP team