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Duo Solitaire

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Play Solitaire game online for free and take a break from your daily routine forming long suites of cards. Multiplayer Solitaire game is a great card game to play.

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In this Solitaire card game, you must remove all the cards from the game board by stacking them on the packet at the front, moving up from the lowest card or moving down from the highest card: after the King comes the Ace, then you start up from the bottom up (i.e. 2, 3, 4, etc.) or from the top down (King, Queen, Jack, etc.) again. So warm that mouse up – the aim of the game is to finish first and to score as many points as possible. And to obtain the highest score, you'll have to create the longest possible suites of removed cards, while leaving as many cards unrevealed as possible at the bottom of the screen (100 points per unused card). You have a Joker card, that you can use at any time to remove any card from the game board. Using the Joker card costs 300 points... Oh, by the way - using a calculator during the game is not allowed. :-)

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